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At C&M we only use the best quality window films. Llumar is the main brandname of CPFilms, the largest manufacturer of window films in the world. Llumar Window Films are designed to enhance your vehicles appearance and provide the performance features you desire.

Known for their quality and patented scratch resistant coating, Llumar films are durable and virtually maintenance free. All products professionally fitted by C & M carry a full manufacturers guarantee.

Security & Safety

Safety and security films applied to the inside of windows are specially designed so that in the event of an accident, shattered glass is held in place preventing and reducing the risk of injury to passengers. Our security and safety films also reduce the risk of theft and
vandalism by offering enhanced protection of valuables and deterring would be thieves, reducing the risk of smash and grab.

Style,Variety & Comfort

C&M Window Tinting can enhance the look of just about any type of vehicle. Choose from an array of optically clear or tinted films and several levels of protection, which can block outside heat, making your car look and feel cooler and more comfortable


Driving a vehicle in direct sunlight can result in fatigue, eyestrain and ultimately loss of concentration Llumar infrared rejecting windscreen films filter out the worst of the suns heat and glare while letting in light so you have a clearer more comfortable view of the road.

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