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Insulation film reduces the amount of heat lost to the outside. LLumar insulation window films are able to reduce heat loss through glass  by  up  to  30% whist allowing light to pass through.

A thermal image of a building shows that in many situations, most heat escapes through the windows. Expensively generated heat escapes through glass causing cold spots, air movement (draughts) and discomfort. Environmental zone control becomes less effective and energy costs soar.

Low working area temperatures can lead to a less efficient workplace and may contravene the ‘Thermal Comfort’ requirement of Health and Safety Legislation. Llumar insulation window films are able to reduce heat loss through glass by up to 30% whilst allowing light to pass through.

Our range also offers solar rejection benefits giving year-round environmental control. Secondary characteristics include fade protection, privacy performance and glare reduction, helping employers to comply with Display Screens Equipment Health and Safety Legislation.

Through our film supplier & manufacturer CPFilms, C&M Window Films can  offer a  full  free energy savings analysis to identify heat gain and heat loss in your building, and provide payback periods if required.

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