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Llumar safety films provide protection against injuries resulting from shattered glass and give extra security against forced entry. A Clear Safety Window Film gives enhanced shatter resistant and safe breakage qualities to glass when installed by our professional applicators.

Llumar safety and security films are designed and tested to international standards to hold shattered glass together.  BS 6206 and BS EN 12600, the British Standard for safety glazing, is regulation in all public areas, including schools, offices and shops, where glass is situated in doors, side panels or at low level.

If window glass is coated with one of the Llumar range of safety and security films and subjected to accidental impact, violent attack or explosion, the glass might crack or even shatter, but would be contained by the film and can be applied at a fraction of the cost of replacement specialist glazing.

In the event of an explosion the film absorbs energy from the blast and reduces the level of shattering and flying shards, thus reducing the risk to personnel and property. We can arrange a full site survey and risk assessment of your glazing.

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